photo of me

I began my career as a researcher on an evaluation of visual arts in mental health hospitals in the South West. After starting my PhD in the use of photography as a research method, I  went on to evaluate a range of public health interventions, and became experienced in a range of visual and creative methods alongside traditional social scientific methods.

My particular research interests are creative methods, community arts, health, wellbeing and policy. My PhD led to a fascination I have with the arts, humanities and culture as forms of knowledge and evidence about peoples lives, histories and communities. However, I am interested in all forms of human interaction and organisation, from the individual level to community, business and policy levels.

I have always volunteered in some capacity since I was in high school; my life has been deeply enriched by the various community projects I have been involved in as well as giving me a range of skills I could not have acquired through my professional work. I am Co-Chair of Adamsdown Arts Association (A3) in my spare time. We are a grass-roots arts group and work very closely with artists, schools, Communities First and other community groups to deliver participatory arts projects in our local area. I am also part of the Management Committee for Making Minds, an arts and mental health organisation in South Wales.

Through my professional and voluntary work, as well as research and evaluation I have become very good at project management, events organising, press and media, theatre production, arts commissioning and much more!



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